"An open development environment, that can generate automatically any code, for any language, for any gui-system"

AlMuist's current state (as of 22th April 2003)

(dark areas are done and blurred areas aren't...) Note that the picture is not up to date because the "Abstract Gui Api" is 95% over.

The amool kernel is quite ready now. New version 1.4.2 [22 April 2003] adds stack trace to help error tracking and uses class numbering to fix forAll class order problems

Below you can find the amool gui programming interface.

It allows connections (attachment) and notifications of gadgets across guiBlocks, events, and external guis (details in the reference below)

Only supported language for now is Java. (C++ planned)

Supported gui systems are Swing and External (CLI and Servlet planned)

link to: SourceForge AlMuist's project page

The whole AlMuist's project (Amool kernel, gui api, documentation, and the rest) is under GNU GPL license

Maxime Gamboni <>
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